The search for supported SATA…

Having spent several hours today, there is not a lot of choices for supported SATA controllers that I can add in.  The onboard controllers in my Dell T105 aren’t supported for booting, so I spent much of today looking at alternatives.  The leading choices appear to be a LSI Logic or Adaptec SATA RAID controller, but they run about $350.00, and would put a strain on the finances for the project, and may require some major re planning.  I intend for the near future to use a physical machine for my AD controller, so I may end up using this T105 for that.  I’d still like to find a means of getting the T105 to work for ESX4i though if I can….

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One Comment on “The search for supported SATA…”

  1. Pete Finch Says:

    Well sounds like a interesting project, I have thought about using a mac mini and running osx server to manage my home needs, but never got around to it. Good Luck, I will try and keep up with your blog

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