I decided that I needed to cut my home server count and make my watts all do all that they can do.  As a long-time UNIX sysadmin, I have had several unix boxes at the house since the early 1990s.  In preparation for a talk I volunteered to give on integrating Windows Server 2008 Active Directory and Kerberos on multiple UNIX flavors, I built out a complete, redundant 2008 AD infrastructure.  It is time to get this mess under control and rationalize the environment by consolidating

I plan on necking the server environment down to two, or at most three physical servers, plus an appliance for backup DNS, torrents, etc.  The first step, obtaining the free licenses to VMware ESX4i and downloading the distribution with update 1 included is completed.  I am a little bushed from the late night I put in last night trying to pimp my Fedora 11 VM I installed under VMware Workstation on my desktop system.  That, plus the six mile walk I just finished have left me a little tired and I don’t want to have to do the install twice.  On to actual the install starting tomorrow.

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